Like many other executives, I have been around the “analytics block” for more than a few years. I strongly believe that the progress towards a world where consumer (and business) data is recognized as their own  property and can be leveraged to their own benefit (by smart, analytically focused third parties who secure consent) is transformational in nature.  

My research interests include global strategy, data analytics and the use of AI, ML and RL (Reinforcement Learning) in strategic decision making in government, international organizations, as well as corporations. More specifically, I am focused on developing measurable predictive models for evaluating technology adoption, for purposes of investment allocation, risk management, as well as sales prioritization, as well as talent pool analysis. 

I have consulted, lectured and served as an executive running operations in technology commercialization, innovation, product development, loyalty, analytics and open banking for over 20 years in private and public organizations. I have served as a senior executive of data analytics technology firms, including as Head of Data Strategy & Open Banking for Transunion, VP Product Analytics at Panvista and Head of Product at Points.com, as well as Senior Data Transformation Advisor for Broadridge Financial, Acting Chief Product Officer at Boss Insights and many more . I hold a BSc. in Computer Software & Business Management, an MBA from Ottawa U. Business School where I served as an Adjunct Professor. I also hold a Masters in International Relations from Cambridge University, and am currently doing my Doctorate in AI & ML Adoption in Financial Services, at Cardiff University.   

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